Moving Insurance

Removal insurance is one of those things that unfortunately, not many people get, which is something I just can’t get my head around. If you go on holiday, you take out travel insurance don’t you?

You wouldn’t drive a car around without having insurance? Moving is no different and I’ve always been completely baffled as to why people seem to think its an unnecessary expense.

Why is it so important?


Think about it, for starters you’re giving literally everything you own to a complete stranger, doesn’t that sound like reason enough to take out insurance? It sure does to me.

They can say they’re the best removalist in the world, but I guarantee you that there’s always a chance of something getting broken, scratched, damaged or just simply going missing never to be found. Sometimes removalist’s will take ownership of what has happened and either pay the costs to repair the goods, replace them, or compensate you for the fact that they’ve lost something of yours.

However more often than not, they don’t.

Now any removalist worth using is going to have some sort of a Goods in Transit policy, which will protect you if something happens to the truck whilst your goods are inside.

For example if its in a fire or a flood, maybe another car hits it mid trip, damages caused by situations like that are almost always covered by the protection that removalists have on their trucks, but check before you book with them.

What you need is a policy to protect your goods in the event of everything else happening. All too often I hear stories of people having things damaged and then the removalist’s not taking responsibility for it. Moving is stressful enough as it is, do you really want to risk having the extra stress and frustration of dealing with trying to get some sort of compensation from them after its all happened? I didn’t think you would.

What about insurance sold by removalists?


Honestly getting comprehensive insurance of your own, independent of your removalist is the best thing to do, some removalists sell insurance, however if you really need to claim on an insurance policy do you want to have to deal with the company that broke/lost your belongings to get that done?
It might be easier in the short term to take it out through them, but if you actually need the policy I can assure you that having it independently makes for a much easier process.


Where can I find an independent insurer?


There are two things that instantly come to mind when it comes to securing yourself an independent insurance policy for your move.

If you have home/home & contents insurance, then you should be able to add it on to that policy for a fee.

If you don’t, then don’t worry I can point you in the right direction.

A company that I’ve seen pop up a number of times throughout my time in the game, and one that I’ve always heard good things about, is Removals Insurance Australia.


They have always come up with reasonable and competitive prices for their policies, and provide customer the ability to be very particular in what they do, and don’t cover, and what for.

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