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Moving a car interstate - Logistics made easy.

Nowadays, everybody has multiple cars, and if you're planning to move the whole family interstate then driving all your cars across becomes a very costly and time heavy ordeal.

For example, if you're moving from Brisbane to Sydney, with a family that owns 4 cars, that becomes 40 hours of driving, just imagine if you're moving going from coast to coast, or from the north end of Australia to the south, it can quickly add up. Our customers were constantly asking about how to get their cars to their new home. For this reason, we have begun offering a car transportation service.

With us, you can get your house hold items moved across, and your vehicles. Once you start moving a great distance, or have more than 1 or two cars, the cost benefits start to really add up.

I'll give an example of moving from Brisbane to Melbourne. The drive itself takes about 20 hours, so that's two days per vehicle. Then if you're a family with 4 cars, there 80 hours of driving, so a minimum of just over a week flat out driving, however realistically you'd need to allow 1.5-2 weeks for that sort of time. If you then add in accommodation, food, fuel, the fact that you're not working, plus if you're making multiple trips, flights back home to begin the journey again with another vehicle it really begins to pile on the costs of moving interstate. Also who really wants to drive 20 hours just to get a car down to Melbourne. But what else do you do?

Book a car transport company to do it for you.

When you're planning and preparing for an interstate move do you really have the massive number of hours readily available to dedicate solely to getting you cars to their new home. Wouldn't that time be better spent sorting, selling, throwing away, packing things inside your home?

That's what we thought.


But who to use?

We found a company called Moving Cars how offer incredibly cost effective transport options to get cars across the country.

They also have the ability to quote almost anywhere in Australia instantly, which as a guy in the Industry I think is pretty impressive.

If its sounding pretty good and you want to figure out how much they're going to cost just visit their page for a quote.

Once you see just how cost effective it really is to just send your car and fly across, or perhaps if you have more than one, often what some people do is send the extra cars and drive the final car to their new home, using it to get yourself and the family, perhaps the pets etc to the new house.

This in my opinion is the most cost effective way to move interstate. Plane tickets can be expensive when you need to buy 3-4-5, or however many of you there are in the tribe! But loading up a single car, perhaps taking a few camping supplies, take a day or two and making a bit of a trip out of it is a great way to both get you, the family, the pet/s and anything else to your new place, and it adds as a mini-holiday to relieve some of that moving stress.

Also their page seems to answer just about any question you can think of, with my years in the industry I've forgotten the answer to more questions than you'll ever think to ask, but they seem to cover just about every angle of the trip in their FAQ page.

The less you need to worry about, and the more you hand over to your service providers to take care of for you, the lower your stress levels will be, and that never a bad thing.

No matter where you're moving, car transportation is definitely a major help when getting you, your family and your home interstate and the flexibility the service provides means it can work however you need it to.

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