How To Compare Interstate Removalists

How to compare interstate removalists

There are many reasons to choose a certain removalist over any other, but here are a few simple points to consider.

  • Price for some customers this is the most important factor, however be sure that you are comparing like for like. Ensure that you have told each removalist the same information. With our system you enter the details once and we then send the exact same details to our panel or removalists to ensure they quote on the same details
  • Availability, you may find that several removalists give you very similar prices, so the next thing to consider is can they move you on the day that you want them to
  • Back Up, can they back up what they promise? Some removalists will promise you the earth only to let you down on the day. Our panel have passed rigorous feedback tests to ensure that this does not happen. However on the off chance that something does effect your move, do they have a back up plan? Be sure to ask.
  • Do they offer some type of transit protection? We always recommend that you take out your own insurance when moving interstate but we do think that every removalist should have at least a basic level of cover.
  • A removalist that cant provide the correct service for your needs, will possibly  end up costing time and money and add unnecessary stress to what is already a naturally stressful time time.
  • Ensure you have advised the removalist of anything that may impact on time it takes to carry out your move, or the amount of items you need to move, or if you require storage, packaging, insurance.
  • Check out their website, look at reviews from other customers, be wary of reviews posted on some review sites, as we have often found these are posted by a removalist competitors

All in all it pays to do some research, talk to the person in charge at your removal company if possible, try to deal with only one person throughout the whole move, also try to, as much as possible do  everything via email, so there is no confusion.

Some questions you may want to ask

Are there additional charges for difficult access to the property?

For example there could be a potential scenario of either you will get your deposit back once you have paid for the service or the deposit will be taken off your final bill.

How long will it take?

Can I see some references? removalists that possess readily available references can potentially stand out from the pack. The fact that they can produce them further strengthens their credibility and you will feel inclined to favor them over other potential candidates that don’t produce references.

Do they have experienced removalists consultants? Will they meet you at your home, discuss your needs and give you a complete breakdown of the logistics, options and cost of your move?

Is the company a member of the Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA)? This is the body that regulates the removals industry and membership is a good sign as only those removalists that have the necessary equipment, vehicles, premises and staff training needed to complete a professional move can be members. Please see the AFRA website for more information.

Some removalists only accept liability for goods that were clearly damaged due to their involvement (a potentially grey area) so it is important to know the extent of the liability right from the beginning.

Verify the company’s license number and insurance, and do not use an uninsured company. A company who is serious about what they do will take the appropriate precautions, and that means having quality insurance. Ask if your personal belongings are covered by the insurance policy, or if you need to get your own insurance for your property while it is in transit.

What, if any, is the call-out rate? How will the call-out rate be charged?

Does the moving company have any questions for me?

We hope this helps you in choosing the best removalists for your needs but if you have any questions please just ask